We Are Scientists

Disclaimer to photograph: We Are Scientists did not lip synch, and the audience was not composed of dogs.

I went to the Casbah to see We Are Scientists last night. I’d seen them in 2006 at the House of Blues (which seems ridiculously large to me now). I much prefer a sold-out crowd in a small venue like the Casbah; that is, if I have tickets. Anyway, I have an aquaintance in the band that opened for them, The Blood Arm. So I really went to see them, and they were smashing. I went in believing that I only liked We Are Scientists, but I left the Casbah knowing I loved them.
I don’t take video at shows, and even if I did, it wouldn’t be very good. So I’m putting in this link to something more polished. The dog is gorgeous, and it’s a great song, too.

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