In the moment, in the past

I had coffee with my friend Michele this morning. Neither of us grew up here in Southern California, but both of us feel that we are supposed to be here. I think we were talking about clothes when Michele said, “It’s always summer here.” It is, and, you know, it isn’t. You have to really look, but you start to be able to discern the seasons here in ways mostly having to do with the angle of sunlight at noon. I find myself thinking, “In a month it will be twilight at this time of day, not mid-afternoon,” and “Where did the middle of July go?”

I told her a little about some stuff that’s going on at work, and then I came home and got reflective. My summers used to be defined by design deadlines, my busiest season, preparing to roll out new sets for tours each fall. I had to be super productive. In my own parallel universe, I had both of my babies in summer. Summer is what kids anticipate nine months out of the year.

What I have loved about summers, a visual list–the outer banks of North Carolina

Islay in Scotland

thinking about getting a dog

not gaining weight

reading slutty books or Nancy Drew

not reading Joyce

riding around with my uncle who knows all the good stories
getting the filter removed from my vena cava

the tour de France

reading about the festivals in NME in the aisles of Borders

designing sets for operas.

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  1. I love your blog and I regret being so bad at leaving comments! I often want to write something and then I don’t.
    I am touched by the very unique nostalgia I find in your texts.

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