A Brit a Day [#91]

OK, OMG, LOL…IMO every one of these pictures is great, so I’ll just have to post them all. They are from “Darwin’s Darkest Hour”, a rare dramatic piece written and produced by the National Geographic Society [“look at that big tree, it must be very old….”] and presented last fall on PBS’ program ‘Nova.’ Henry Ian Cusick and Frances O’Connor are depicted above as Mr. and Mrs. Darwin.
I know that Mrs. Darwin must have been a strong woman, she was his absolute rock during those ‘darkest hours,’ but the last picture gets on my nerves a bit. It’s from a scene that’s supposed to be about 5 minutes after their child’s funeral and here they are talking happily [obsessively] about work. On the other hand, providing that the original file is preserved in this post, click on that last picture and you will see the largest Jpeg I’ve personally ever saved. You could use it to estimate the thread count of the clothing they are wearing or count the hairs on her/his [*squirm*] head. Enjoy!

EDITOR’S NOTE: Okay, clicking on it does not show you the original at the size I have it saved. It’s over 4000 pixels wide, you’ll just have to take my word for it. HOWEVER, I did just notice that one of Ian’s buttons is undone! Will he never stop!?! 😉

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