An Open Letter to Terry Gross

As the DVD releases of Lost, Season 6, and Lost The Complete Series are approaching in August, I have a guest to recommend for your NPR radio program “Fresh Air”. Henry Ian Cusick, who played Desmond, a pivotal character and huge favorite of fans, has proven himself in the closing weeks of the series to be a charming and articulate spokesman for LOST. His lovely Scottish accent has found its way into many hearts, as well as his self-deprecating humor. I do know for a fact that he has a huge following on the internet, and my personal knowledge of some of his fans supports the notion that they are bright people who would like to hear a great journalist interview him! A quick survey at YouTube would probably bring you up to date on his Lost-Finale interviews.

Thank you for the all the good interviews and reporting you have given us over the years. There are no words…..

Best Wishes,

a listener of KPBS Fm in San Diego, CA

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