A Brit a Day [#348]

I admire Randee St. Nicholas’s new photographs of Henry Ian Cusick not only for their beauty [oh, yes, beauty..] but for their style. Is it her style, his style? What makes these pictures so evocative is that there is a seamless blend of artist and subject.

I love the hoody within a hoody within the leather jacket. That’s a brave choice; I know I couldn’t pull it off. And it immediately makes me think of Kevin Smith’s movie “Dogma” in which the angels all wore hoodies. It was sort of their dress code. Alan Rickman was the angel known as the Voice of God, a bit of brilliant casting if there ever was one.
But then Kevin Smith freely admits that he derived the hoody idea from Wim Wenders’ “Wings of Desire.” In “Wings of Desire,” the angels wore full overcoats and cashmere scarves. The look is timeless and yet the story is firmly set in the time it was made, the 1980’s.

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