A Brit a Day [#377]

Alan Rickman has agreed to kindly step aside today so that I can introduce you to my favorite author of crime fiction, Denise Mina. Ms. Mina caught my eye and ear when I read her novel ‘Garnethill.’ I had been trolling the internet for pictures and information about Glasgow, and specifically Garnethill because that was the neighborhood we stayed in when we were in Glasgow. I bought a used copy of ‘Garnethill’ that day, devoured it and went on to read the other 2 books in that trilogy as well as a stand-alone novel of hers called ‘Deception’. If I had to describe her style, I’d say she has Stephen King’s attention to the voice of the character with a touch of Alan Moore’s knack for crafting a scene.

Credit to Colin MacPherson for the photo of Denise in her home.

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