A Brit a Day [#490]

Back from Anime Expo, where I saw a lot of great fan art on Artists’ Alley and a lot of great cosplayers absolutely everywhere. As much as I enjoy San Diego’s own Comic Con, it’s nice to be free from distractions like Leonard Nimoy or Stan Lee walking by.

Doctor Who is quite popular right now, and a surprising amount of the fan art at AX supported that, given that the Doctor isn’t an anime character. The lovely piece pictured above was not on display at AX [as far as I know], but I have co-opted this internet artist’s work to bring you today’s Brit–the TARDIS. She took on human form [in the body of a lady named Idris] in an episode this season called ‘The Doctor’s Wife’ [penned by Neil Gaiman] and charmed the socks off the dear Doctor and everyone else.

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