A Brit a Day [#494]

A number of years ago I thought I heard that Alan Rickman was going to perform in a movie called ‘Manchester United Ruined My Life.’ I waited and waited, and sadly nothing ever came of it, in fact, it doesn’t even exist as a project on IMDB. I’ve recently read the book on which it was going to be based, and I can only guess that the script would have been written by the book’s author, the Mancusian screenwriter and producer Colin Shindler.

So at least we have the book, which is delightful with one caveat–you have to have been rabid for a sport or a team at some time for the book’s emotional momentum to resonate. Most of us fall into that category, certainly, but it helps if that sports team is a perennial underdog as Shindler’s beloved Manchester City FC has been for most of his life.
The book’s cover shows that Shindler keeps his priorites straight, for this is firstly a book about family. I can imagine that when Shindler began his screenplay, he might have had Alan Rickman in mind to play his eccentric Uncle Lawrence.
Just for fun, I’d like to add the image from the front of James Blunt’s ‘Some Kind of Trouble’–
I don’t suppose James Blunt supports Manchester City?….

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