I absolutely adore the look and subject matter of your blog, how did you come about with it?

You are so sweet!  I don’t remember what my criteria were for choosing the visual style of my blog other than it had to be free!  But once I chose it, I found that it was pretty adaptable, and I liked the simplicity.  I have another blog on Blogger about British men [surprised? of course not!] where the choices were kind of limited, so it has a black background.  Therefore, I went 180 away from that on my Tumblr, the one I consider my ‘personal’ blog.  My tumblr doesn’t really have a theme, as you probably noticed–I wanted it to be relevant to whatever was interesting me/inspiring me at the moment.  I have a teenage daughter who is also on Tumblr–so sometimes I reblog stuff just to show her what I’m thinking about!

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