Last night Amanda showed me an article from the L A Weekly blog taking her to task for her recent topless protest, and claiming that should Amanda get her ill-conceived demands, not only will all journalists and musicians and filmmakers be out on the street, penniless, but the porn industry will also be destroyed.

Here is the offending image. I am afraid it has breasts in it. This cannot be helped.

“Perhaps you were trying to say more ‘Free Digital Content (and tits)’ in the spirit of ‘Free Nelson Mandela’…?” I said. “Demanding that they be liberated.”

“I don’t know,” she said. “They just asked me to write something protesty on a placard, so I took off my top and wrote something.”

“Ah,” I said. “The old please-protest-generally problem. There is a solution…”

And I showed her this video. Because she had never seen it. And now you can too. And you will know how to protest generally, without endangering the porn industry.

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