Betty White to Barack Obama: ‘Thank You For Being a Friend’

Hey, remember how Clint Eastwood created memes for centuries by talking to an empty chair at the RNC? In the words of Matthew and Peter Slutsky — twins, political activists, Betty White lovers, staffers at Change.org and WordPress.com, respectively — Eastwood gave “old people a bad name.” So, last week, the duo decided to launch a campaign for another old person — Betty White —  to introduce Obama at the DNC, to, shall we say, to set the record straight. It went, well, viral

So, Slutskys: Why Betty White?

We live in serious times and lots of people are struggling. We Slutskys believe that a little more Betty White in all of our lives is just what America needs to pull us out of this rut. 

What can Betty White teach America?

In all seriousness, a lot of the discussion post Clint #Eastwooding has been centered around the fact that he’s “lost it” was “off his rocker” and just plain “old.” Not all old people talk to empty chairs and almost all of them vote! So, we wanted to shine a light on our favorite older American (besides our Grandmom Helen, of course) and tell America that old people are hip (they don’t just break them).

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