Okay, this is my first fic ever. Like ever, ever. So please, go easy? This thought crept its way into my mind the other night and I had to write it down! I may have other parts lined up if you liked the story… We’ll see! Lots of sweetness and mush and fluff and stuff.

Princess (Part 1? /?)

                After drifting off to the drone of the late news, you are dragged out of your light sleep to the sounds of broken cries and staggered breaths coming from the end of your bed. Auto-pilot takes over and you find yourself blinking away any sleep you grasped in the last… ‘Oh what time is it?’ 1 AM … 2 hours or so. Snapping on the lamp, warm, soft light fills the room you shared with your husband and your newborn daughter, Catherine Rose Hiddleston.  

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This is so sweet—and a great first story!  The mommy in me was going, “Is she hungry??  did you check her diaper??”

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