I’ve been tagged–10 random facts about me

1]  I’m old enough to be Tom Hiddleston’s mother but that doesn’t stop me from ogling him like a school girl [no offense to school girls intended]

2]  the farthest I’ve ever been from home is East Germany–that’s a country that doesn’t even exist anymore.

3]  I’ve either kissed Bruce Springsteen on the cheek or he kissed me, I don’t remember which.

4]  When I was a little kid in North Carolina I had a map of California on my bedroom wall because I wanted to live in California.

5]  I’ve now lived in California for 25 years.

6]  Once I moved here, I bought a year-long pass to Disneyland and promised myself I would renew it annually until I got bored with Disneyland.

7]  It took me 4 years to get bored with Disneyland.

8]  I almost died from a head injury in 2005.

9]  I’m very glad I didn’t die then.

10]  I will try almost any food or drink except those that have bananas, mayonnaise, or olives in any form except olive oil.  I love olive oil.

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