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Rule 1 – Post the rules 

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My 11 questions:-

1.  Coke or Pepsi?

Pepsi–it’s a southern thing.

2.  Boats or airplanes?

Definitely airplanes.  I’m so done with boats.

3.  If you could be anything, no limits, what would you be?  I mean anything!

A writer/artist [both] who was challenged by her work but not tortured by it; who made enough money to live comfortably w/o worrying about money–including sending her kids to colleege, plus a little extra to be able to travel somewhere cool every other week or so.

4.  What is your favorite type of music?

Alternative rock/pop–I like to be able to see the bands I like in small clubs.

5.  If you could have dinner with 7 people, living or dead, who would they be?

Feminist author Naomi Wolf; my childhood friend Jennifer; Tom Hiddleston; Henry Ian Cusick; Alan Rickman; early 20th century author Edith Wharton; Bruce Springsteen

6.  Cats or Dogs?

Dogs–they’re sillier.

7.  Who influenced you the most in your life?

Every day I that I live, it becomes more apparent to me that, for better or worse, it is my mother.

8.  Spiders or snakes?

I have a pet snake, so I’m not afraid of snakes;  I’m still pretty freaked out by spiders.

9.  What is 1 decision you regret and if you could go back would you change it?

I need to be intentionally vague here:  I wish I’d gotten treated years ago for a treatable disability I have that I was too embarrassed to deal with earlier in my life.

10.  Who holds your heart?  (no need to name names, you can put initials or just describe them!)

SKL–my Mister.

11.  What is your most cherished wish for your life?

That I will be successful in the terms that I have defined as ‘success’ for myself–namely, that my children will be able to support themselves doing something they really love to do, and that they won’t need too much therapy.


1.  Castle or log cabin?

2.  What is the most exotic animal you have ever seen in the wild?

3.  Watch television or a DVD?

4.  What is your favorite book ever?

5.  What is your favorite dessert?

6.  Briefly describe how you imagine your life/self to be in 10 years.

7.  Where/when would you go in a time machine?

8.  What’s your favorite planet [besides Earth]?

9.  Who is the best teacher you ever had?

10.  What fictional character would you like to take a road trip with?

11.  Mountains or beach?

I’m gonna tag you in your inbox–you know who you are!  Now go!!

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