Blanket Stealer


A/N-  This is a little one shot inspired by a post made by the lovely dirtythoughts. Below is the post that happened across my dash and it got me  thinking, I think we are all sort of in this same predicament. 

A long time ago, I came to the conclusion that I would never ‘have’ all of the things I ‘wanted’ in my life, but I could dream about them, I could imagine them, I could make a place for them in my mind and in doing so, in a way, I could ‘have’ them.  It’s funny to say, but it is strangely satisfying.  

So I say, have Magnus, in your mind (or mine) as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t disconnect you from others.  If you’re happy, your whole life will be better.

Again, I’ve said too much.  Just enjoy the story and ignore the girl behind the curtain…  ♥

Blanket Stealer

She was still not used to it, sleeping alone.  She was used to him being there, perhaps not all night but most of it.  He would sometimes get up just before dawn and go to his apartment to shower and get ready for classes, but she would usually be able to fall asleep with him.  She knew when he got the job with the police, that those days were over.  Being a police detective was all he had ever wanted to be, it was all he thought about, all he talked about.  She had asked him why, it was a dangerous job, the hours were long and terrible and it didn’t pay as well as being, say, a lawyer or a doctor.  So why did he want to do it.  He had laughed at her.

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Wow….just, wow.

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