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A Brit a Day [#1000]

Did you see that number I just typed??  I’ve now done this blog a thousand times, and I love it as much today as the day I started it.  And it is very appropriate that such a milestone should fall on Henry Ian Cusick’s day.  This blog very nearly started as a Henry Ian Cusick appreciation blog, but the Sistahs at LiveJournal’s Henry Ian Daily had whipped up such a stellar one that I saw no need to duplicate and quickly revised my plans.  I owe so much to my sistahs-in-Ian for the inspiration or [wait for it]…Ianspiration.

Here’s a super sexy picture of the man himself to help us [well, me] celebrate–

A classic, no?

And you’ll never guess who was featured in ABAD #1–and it wasn’t even called that because I wasn’t sure there would be a #2!  It was the beautiful and bewilderingly absent Jason Isaacs–

Here he is looking all dashing and dangerous in a promo shot from Case Histories, but I used a pic in that first post from the film “Passionada” which I still love, as I would love his TV series “Awake” if it was still among the living.  According to Wikipedia, he’s filming a couple of projects currently, so all’s good for the future of Mr. I.

I’ve thought about moving this blog to Tumblr in order to reach a larger audience, but I’m not married to the idea.  I like the format here–it’s prettier than Tumblr, and it’s easy to post and receive comments.  Any ideas on that topic, I’m all ears and happy to hear.  Thanks for reading–on to the next millenium!

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