A Brit a Day [#1080]

So, may I elaborate on what bright idea had me googling AR yesterday when my senses were assaulted by the sight of his otherwise gorgeous face looking out from Ronald Reagan’s plaster-like head?  I think I had googled something like ‘alan rickman rock star’.  Yes, there’s irony in this story.

It was because these four rock stars made a road trip from Lands End to John O’Groats on Thursday in a custom pink Rolls Royce to raise awareness and donations for Breast Cancer Care, a charity in the UK.  They are, from left to right, Professor Brian Cox, who was briefly a rock star in the 1980s and apparently took his rock-star proceeds to go back to school and get a Ph.D. in particle physics; James May, who simply is the essence of ‘rock star’;  Gary Barlow, who actually is a rock star, well, pop star; and Chris Evans, a popular and wealthy radio DJ, television presenter, radio and television producer, yada yada yada. And we all know that DJs are just frustrated rock stars, so there you go. [Don’t listen to me, I’m just jealous that he has owned a 1961 Ferrari 250 GT SWB California Spyder that cost eleventeen million pounds and I have not.]

The pictures of the four of them together reminded me of a photo montage I saw years ago that included ‘Robin Hood’ era Rickman and some other shaggy actors photoshopped in as various members of The Who.  I’m not describing it very well, in fact I may not even be remembering it very well, but in any event, I couldn’t find it and if you know what I’m talking about please contact me.  I would so love to see that picture again!

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