A Little More of You


A/N-  Hello all.  The lovely a-trial-run-on-paper put out a prompt yesterday and here is my reply to it.  Part one was written by her, Part Two by me.  I hope you enjoy my take.  I love doing these collaborative things!!

Part One

So we were lying in bed one night a million years ago, at the start of what was supposed to be my fertility, a couple of months after I got my IUD removed, and you said, sort of unexpectedly, because you were about to use three words together I’d never heard you use in the same sentence before, “Depending on when you get pregnant, the baby will be born around the end of this year or beginning of the next….”  And I was washed over by such a flood of passion—for living my life, for loving you, for knowing happiness.  I could tell you were really excited by the prospect, that it had made you giddy and a little scared.  That moment definitely raised the bar on my expectations of what our brand of intimacy would be, of what we could share.  Because say all you want about soul mates—truly shared experiences in life are rare.  It’s just that hard to get out of your own head.

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Oh my god, sweetheart, you have outdone yourself, and it is no small source of pride to me that I gave you the germ of an idea to work with.  You and one other person took on this challenge and you both have amazed me.  I absolutely love this.  I am so happy right now.  I can’t wait for you to see the other author’s piece as well–there are so many soft, subtle notes that you both hit beautifully, and yet they are clearly two completely different voices.

I think one day we shall have to do more of this!  I thank you so much.



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