Richard II costumeporn! Courtesy of this site, via magpieandwhale. There’s also publicity stills for the rest of The Hollow Crown, but obviously I zeroed in on Richard II, because it is my thing that I do. You can get an excellent look at all the details if you look at the hi-res versions.

Although the pics do really emphasize how completely unlike actual 14th-century styles the costumes are. Which is fine — I don’t actually demand 100% historical accuracy in Shakespeare costuming — but I do kinda love 14th-century fashion and would rather love seeing a production that runs with it (the 1978 BBC version is the closest, although it has a lot of other problems with its production values, being a 1978 BBC production, plus the fabrics/color palette are pure 1970s.). I WANT POULAINES, IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK.

(actually it probably is; it would be really cruel to actors because by all accounts they were incredibly hard to walk in, since the point is demonstrating you don’t have to walk around if you don’t want to. That and being surrogate penises. They’re actually a major plot point in the contemporary play Thomas of Woodstock)

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