Normally, because I live in California, when I like an American TV show I have to stay off the internet [specifically Tumblr] for 3 hours before a new episode airs here in the Pacific time zone if I don’t want it to be spoiled.  For new episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ on BBC America, the ban increases to 8 hours.  But because BBCA delays new episodes of ‘Top Gear’ by so long, I will have to censor my internet use for each episode of the new series for 8 days!  My self-imposed blackouts will overlap!! That effectively means all summer.  I can’t go all summer without typing ‘james may’ into a search engine.  And my Tumblr dashboard will explode from the built up pressure of unread posts.

Good thing I’m going to take a week’s break from this blog to go to Anime Expo in LA.  Good thing live coverage of the Tour de France has begun.  That will keep me occupied until the third week in July.  And if I miss a stage, all I have to avoid is the news.

See you in a week.


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