Tom Hiddleston LA Times Interview 7/21/13

Tom: I really wanted it to be a surprise, and that’s the hardest thing in our world now is to keep something so secret that it’s actually a surprise. I had to fly in — this is no joke — I flew in to San Diego from London as Jango Fett from the “Star Wars” films because I knew that if I was seen in San Diego there would be a picture on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, “I’ve just seen Thomas in the San Diego airport, I’ve just seen him in the hotel. He’s obviously here for ‘Thor 2.’”
Interviewer: Did you already have a Jango Fett costume?
Tom: No, I had to go and find.
Interviewer: Why that character?
Tom: I’m 6 foot 2. It was the only one that fit in the costume shop. They were sold out of Stormtroopers.

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