Bruno Catalano- ” In search of missing pieces ” series


Bruno Catalano
Born 1960 – French
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Bruno Catalano is one of the best selling French artists since more than seven consecutive years. Bruno Catalano, inspired by the modern masters of sculpture, Rodin and Dali, could develop the challenge of adding a fourth dimensions to the artwork, “le vide” means “the emptiness”. Bruno Catalano could add this surrealistic effect when viewing the artwork from different angles, all along the respect of the anatomy of the human body and the realism in the sculpture. It was quite challenging for Bruno Catalano to elaborate this effect and construct solid and balanced bronze sculptures, but Bruno Catalano succeeded his art and established this new and stunning aspect.

Bruno Catalano was born in 1960 in Marseille in the south of France. Admiring art since his early youth, Bruno Catalano began his career as a sculptor with a remarkable talent in 1990. With a high reputation nationally and internationally, the sculptures of Bruno Catalano are in the collections of major corporations and large private and public collections worldwide. The bronze sculptures of Bruno Catalano are exhibited in France, England, China, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, and the United States.


I encountered one of these pieces in person once before. They are unnerving an beautiful all at once. 

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