A Brit a Day [#1238]

The last [and my favorite] episode of ‘The Hollow Crown’ airs tonight on PBS:  Henry V.

I’ll be weeping by the end….again.


2 responses to “A Brit a Day [#1238]”

  1. You're not the only one, dear… Imagine me holding your hand and all will be well. Unless that's weird, in which case, don't. 😛

  2. Haha–see today's post. I think we can wallow in it a while longer.

    Actually, PBS kinda nipped my weeping in the bud because they didn't play the end credits right after the end of the play. The music in the final credits of 'Henry V' always got to me every time I watched it on the internet. The musical theme is somehow in the spirit of 'He was a great king, but by the time his son was a grown man, everything Henry V had fought for was gone.' That's just sad.

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