A Brit a Day [#1080]

So, may I elaborate on what bright idea had me googling AR yesterday when my senses were assaulted by the sight of his otherwise gorgeous face looking out from Ronald Reagan’s plaster-like head?  I think I had googled something like ‘alan rickman rock star’.  Yes, there’s irony in this story. It was because these four […]

A Brit a Day [#1079]

I’m featuring Alan Rickman a day early this weekend because this simply can’t wait.  Someone should have warned me about this, preferably while I was still lying down in bed.  People are all hot and bothered about left-leaning Jane Fonda playing Nancy Reagan, but life-long Labour supporter Alan is playing her husband Ronnie?  I really […]

A Brit a Day [#613]

Benedict Cumberbatch and Gary Oldman in ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.’ I can’t wait for this movie.  I’ve been living in a kind of Cold-War-European-1970’s aesthetic lately.  I traveled around the East/West German border in 1980, and this week I had my Kodachrome slides of that trip transferred to DVD.  [See a few on my other […]

A Brit a Day [#514]

Ian Rankin was born the same year as me, but he has been channeling a much older man since 1987. Rankin is the author of the Edinburgh-set crime novels featuring police detective John Rebus. I am reading 64-year-old Rebus’s “retirement” novel right now, ‘Exit Music.’ [Note to self: cast Alan Rickman as John Rebus in […]