A Brit a Day [#1245]

Rather than being decisive about the end or move of ABAD, I’m going to just say that ABAD is on a hiatus of undetermined length. I have enjoyed doing it, and I’m proud of my own commitment to posting almost every day for almost three and a half years, but my passion for it is touching the low water mark at the moment.  There’s no excuse for doing a bad job of it, so I’m going to let it go for now.

So…this isn’t good-bye, just an exceptionally mushy post.

If I have to leave a parting thought here for a while, though, it would be this:

A few years back, I developed a crush on the charming and charismatic frontman of a British band called Art Brut.  His lyrics blew me away. They were funny and ironic and seemed to expose every fear a 20-something young man could have–which are not that different from the fears a 40-something old woman has. I reached out to him as a friend on Myspace, that antique social medium that revolutionized my six-degrees-of-separation world.  Now there could be one degree.  To make a long story short, over the years I have met Eddie, hung out with Eddie, drunk vodka-and-apple-juice cocktails and bad wine with him.  I have met [through email] Eddie’s mom in England [she’s exactly 2 months older than I am].  Two of Eddie’s paintings hang in my house. He says that the story I’ve told him of how my preschooler misconstrued the words to one of his songs has become a part of his patter onstage.

Friday was Eddie’s birthday.  I emailed him my good wishes.  He emailed me back his thanks.  My point is–never doubt your heart.  You can feel a connection through pictures, music, video….to someone you would never have met in your ‘normal’ life or perhaps will never meet outside of the internet.  But the connection is no less real.

So…if you’re reading this–I’m connecting with you.  And isn’t that cool?

A Brit a Day [#813]

Eddie Argos, frontman of Art Brut and other bands, is enough of a fan of LA to have written 2 songs about it–‘Moving to LA’ and ‘Moved to LA’–and to have devoted one of his post card diptychs to the very idea of relocating to it.  Now he lives in Berlin–and having moved house recently, he’s looking for a new home for the pair of canvases.  Interested?  see the link to Eddie’s site in my sidebar.

A Brit a Day [#761]


This look foreshadowed Eddie Argos’ return-to-glam era and the formation of the band Glamchops.  He was ripe for it:  he had been wrapping his shoes in silver duct tape for a while by then.

A Brit a Day [#727]

Here’s a slight amendment to Friday’s post:  this photo of Art Brut is more recent–it was taken in Brighton in December 2011.  [Thank you Lady is a Tramp on Flickr.]  But technically, it’s not a picture of the band.  Freddy, the petite bassist, is missing.

A Brit a Day [#726]

This was for Friday.

This is the most recent photo I have of Art Brut.  Wikipedia now calls them “a Berlin-based English and German indie rock band.”  I guess the entire band packed up and left London, then.