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A Brit a Day [#1086]

Here’s Davy Jones in 1965.  How I loved that guy.  He passed away last year at the age of only 66, way too young.

My dad died when I was 29 [a looong time ago, about a month after the Berlin Wall fell], and at 68 years of age, I remember thinking that he had had a good, long life.  Now, it seems like he was taken in the prime of his life.  And the same is true of Davy Jones.

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A Brit a Day [#699]

I was so sad to learn this week that Davy Jones had died.  He was my second grade crush–he was pretty darn cute.  Thank you, Davy, for all the joy you gave us.

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A Brit a Day [#571]

The photo editor may have been targeting the cigarette for excision, but smoking was no big secret back in the day–unless, I suppose, you were making a TV show for kids.  Setting a bad example for fans, but otherwise a brilliant photo of David Jones from the 1960’s.