A Brit a Day [#1230]

This is for Thursday.
I could use a look back at Desmond Hume from LOST in the worst possible way today.  The dog [and I mean literally the dog, not my husband] has already gotten so excited that he tried to rip my jeans off.  And it’s only 0900.

A Brit a Day [#1223]

HIC fans have been hoping for this since the revival of ‘Hawaii Five-0″ was announced years ago–Ian will be on the season premiere of H5-0 tomorrow night at 9 pm!

A Brit a Day [#1216]

Musical performances by Henry Ian Cusick:  we’re still waiting for audio, Ian.  This guy likes to bum a guitar on set the way some cheap smokers bum cigarettes.

A Brit a Day [#1211]

I was thinking about James Blunt and googled a picture of him in uniform, was then reminded of how many photos I’ve filed away of Brits dressed for battle [Jason Isaacs is particularly good at this], and went kind of berserk with this post.  I have to say, the additional swag of the fighter pilot make Tennant and May look pretty good.

A Brit a Day [#1209]

The top image is from HenryIanCusick.com, the official website.  The bottom one doesn’t really need a caption, does it?  And the middle one….I posted it just because I wanted to see HIC swagger with a handgun once again.  9 pm on Friday 9/27–I can’t wait!

A Brit a Day [#1195]

I’m back!  On Monday, we celebrated my mom’s 90th birthday in North Carolina.  HIC visited his mom in Scotland earlier this summer as well.  Here he is with his mom in a photo he shared on Instagram.