A Brit a Day [#1213]

A few May-related bits today:  Firstly, the caption for the gif above should be “Do these glasses make my arse look big?” Here’s an interview from September 2011 where JM talks about some really interesting things, including the riots that had just happened the month before in London. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/moslive/article-2040048/Jeremy-Clarkson-Hes-devil-dimwit-James-May-Top-Gear-star.html And finally, here’s a really good […]

A Brit a Day [#1211]

I was thinking about James Blunt and googled a picture of him in uniform, was then reminded of how many photos I’ve filed away of Brits dressed for battle [Jason Isaacs is particularly good at this], and went kind of berserk with this post.  I have to say, the additional swag of the fighter pilot […]