A Brit a Day [#988]

Around here, we count Australians among our brits.  So today’s honors go without a doubt to John Noble for his incredible performance in last night’s final episode of the beloved “Fringe.”  I haven’t been so moved by a television show since the finale of  “Lost.”  If you’ve had a chance to see the 2-hour ending to Fringe’s 5-season run, you won’t mind the visual spoilers here.  Read the accompanying text, and I’ll pass the tissues.

A Brit a Day [#769]

The big TV shakedown of 2012 has taken place and–

Of the 5 shows I watch….Part 1

Three got renewed for another season–

1) “How I Met Your Mother”

Lovely brit Nazanin Boniadi [Nora] was born in Tehran, Iran. Her parents moved to London when she was an infant.

 2) “Fringe”

Henry Ian Cusick is the true brit here; John Noble is Australian, but I think that still counts.

3) “Scandal”

….of course.

A Brit a day [#742]

…and in the same vein, today’s guest brit is Australian [still a brit in my way of thinking] John Noble.  As scientist Walter Bishop on ‘Fringe’, John does an incredible job of looking far more wizened than his actual 63 years.  I’d love to see Mr. Rickman [who is 66] in such a role some day!