A Brit a Day [#1008]

I just finished reading “Cop Hater,” the opening novel of the 87th Precinct series, Ed McBain’s homage to ‘Dragnet’ that virtually created the police procedural genre.  Begun in the 1950’s, “Cop Hater” is the first of a whopping 55 books in the series.  And McBain was only one of a handful of pen names for […]

A Brit a Day [#988]

Around here, we count Australians among our brits.  So today’s honors go without a doubt to John Noble for his incredible performance in last night’s final episode of the beloved “Fringe.”  I haven’t been so moved by a television show since the finale of  “Lost.”  If you’ve had a chance to see the 2-hour ending […]

A Brit a Day [#893]

Henry Ian Cusick’s 5-minutes-on-screen character Udre in the movie “Hitman” fueled reams of some of the best fan fiction I have ever read.  Reading fan fiction has almost taken over my life like a crack addiction. I used to write the stuff, but back in the day, it was fashionable to change the names to […]

A Brit a Day [#888]

Meet Lauren Fox, author of at least 2 novels and this brilliant short story that I stumbled upon on Salon.com the other day: http://www.salon.com/2012/09/08/fiction_ongry_by_lauren_fox/ Now here’s a huuuuuge stretch–Lauren gets to be Brit of the Day by virtue of being married to a guy from Dublin.  I know that’s beyond suspect as Britishness goes, but […]

A Brit a Day [#817]

Tom Hiddleston from BBC’s ‘The Hollow Crown’. “I feel like one who has suddenly awakened out of a feverish delirium, or like a shipwrecked man who has for many days battled with the waves that momentarily threatened to devour him and finally has found a safe shore.”            –Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, […]

A Brit a Day [#692]

I just finished reading Beryl Bainbridge’s novel, The Birthday Boys, an account of Robert Falcon Scott’s tragic march to the South Pole told in turns from the point of view of the five men who died there.  Here is an excerpt from the final section, the words of Captain Titus Oates as Bainbridge imagines them– […]

A Brit a Day [#627]

Abandoned by her husband, Raymond Chandler’s mother moved her family to London in 1900 when Ray was 12 years old.  He became a naturalized British subject [and thus eligible to be today’s Brit] and remained so until he regained his US citizenship in 1956. Chandler’s life story makes your heart ache, and that ache is […]

A Brit a Day [#231]

This week’s theme was wholly inspired by the discovery of this delightful picture. Here is Alan Rickman with his significant other of appproximately 40 years, Rima Horton. In homage to the many titles penned by that Scottish master of gently soothing and amusing prose, Alexander McCall Smith, I’m calling this week’s posts The Significant Comfort […]