Tom Hiddleston LA Times Interview 7/21/13

Tom: I really wanted it to be a surprise, and that’s the hardest thing in our world now is to keep something so secret that it’s actually a surprise. I had to fly in — this is no joke — I flew in to San Diego from London as Jango Fett from the “Star Wars” films because I knew that if I was seen in San Diego there would be a picture on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, “I’ve just seen Thomas in the San Diego airport, I’ve just seen him in the hotel. He’s obviously here for ‘Thor 2.’”
Interviewer: Did you already have a Jango Fett costume?
Tom: No, I had to go and find.
Interviewer: Why that character?
Tom: I’m 6 foot 2. It was the only one that fit in the costume shop. They were sold out of Stormtroopers.


person with an anxiety disorder/depression: i can’t perform this task not because i choose not to but because im a worthless piece of shit and if i fail (which im probably going to) then everyone will finally realize how useless i am and hate me so what’s the point
how an ignorant person interprets that: lazy
person with adhd/add: i can’t perform this task not because i choose not to but because i am literally incapable of focusing on it or finishing it and i basically hate myself because i am unable to do the things i want to do
how an ignorant person interprets that: still lazy


(I am working the register over Christmas.)

Me: “Find everything today?”

Customer: “Yup.”

(Note: she is silent through the transaction, which includes a gift card.)

Me: “How much would you like on this?”

Customer: “Oh, sorry. Can I have $150?”

Me: “No problem.”

Customer: *after paying* “Can you do me a favor?” *she hands me the gift card* “The next customer you see that you think could use this, could you give it to them?”

Me: *stunned* “…Of course!”

(After a minute another customer comes up, a visibly upset young woman.)

Me: “Hi! How are you?”

Customer #2: “I’m okay, thanks.”

(Clearly she is not ok, but she is trying very hard to be pleasant. She is getting very basic items: milk, bread, eggs, etc. Nothing very festive.)

Me: “So your total comes out to $0.00.”

Customer: “What?”

Me: “The person before you gave me a $150 gift card to use for the next person I thought could use it. You look like you’re having a rough day, so here are your groceries, and there’s about $130 left on this card.”

(The customer just started crying. Once she could, she thanked me about 100 times. Made my whole Christmas season.)

Disney is inspiring.

Finding Nemo: Just keep swimming.

Toy Story: Reach for the sky.

The Lion King: Hakuna Matata! It means no worries for the rest of your days.

Cinderella: Even miracles take a little time.

Alice in Wonderland: They say if you dream about something more than once, it’s sure to come true.

Winnie the Pooh: If you live to be 100, I want to live to 100 minus a day so I never have to life without you.

Peter Pan: All it takes is faith and trust.

Lilo and Stitch: Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind.

Tangled: It’s okay to run away with strange men.

Progression of Wallander episodes

Me: Magnus stop being such a dick.
Me: Okay Magnus, that’s a bit better.
Me: Oh Magnus, you saved his life! You’re such a hero!
Me: Kurt, thank Magnus for saving you and your daughter.
Me: Kurt, say fucking THANK YOU.
Me: Magnus, it’s okay. He appreciates it internally.
Me: Kurt goddamn it you better say thank you!
Me: It’s okay Magnus baby, I know you’re so under-appreciated, they don’t even listen to you, I know you try so hard you poor thing.


Me, sees a kid in a Captain America costume which is pretty much just the helmet and a t-shirt with the logo: Hey that’s adorable, you’re the best Captain America I’ve seen all day.

Kid turns around, clutching a Captain America poster: no

I’m not Captain America

I’m Agent Phil Coulson

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Depression Hotline: 1-630-482-9696

Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-8433

LifeLine: 1-800-273-8255

Trevor Project: 1-866-488-7386

Sexuality Support: 1-800-246-7743

Eating Disorders Hotline: 1-847-831-3438

Rape and Sexual Assault: 1-800-656-4673

Grief Support: 1-650-321-5272

Runaway: 1-800-843-5200, 1-800-843-5678, 1-800-621-4000

Exhale: After Abortion Hotline/Pro-Voice: 1-866-439-4253

Klaine Support: 1-800-lol-klaine

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