If you’re afraid of life, if you’re afraid of your own power, (…) then you’ll always give somebody the reins… Somebody else will be making the decisions about the direction of your life and things that you do. But if you have self-esteem and self approval, then the last thing you want is to yield to somebody else’s power.

-Tom Hiddleston.

Something curious: As i was reading this i actually started crying, i am going through a really rough depression and can’t seem to get well. I guess i just got really frustrated to read these words and know in my heart that that’s what one’s supposed to do but, seriously, why is it so incredibly hard sometimes…?

”How do you do that? How do you manage to stay so positive, so optimistic?”

Those are some of the many questions i would love to ask this man if i were to meet him someday. I would just love to have an inspiring chat.

(via beatrixbourbon)

I think that it takes a huge amount of self-confidence to stay positive about one’s life.  And as trite as it sounds, that is something that comes with age–you need to have an overwhelmingly larger number of positive experiences in your life than negatives in order to feel assured that life is good.  It’s hard to have confidence-building experiences when you are young and still living with your parents’ rules and expectations–at least it was for me.  I never really had any self-confidence until I got older and got to do some things on my own.

It’s normal to feel depressed when you are unsure of how things are going to turn out, don’t you think?  But don’t be afraid to take control of your own depression.  There are lots of people out there who are willing to help and give some direction…

When I was a teenager, Tom’s words would have made me really angry too.  How dare he be so optimistic??  But I have to tell you that all these years later [I’m old enough to be his mom] I realize that everything he says in that quote is possible for any of us to do.


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