You may recall my posting these photographs back in January when Tom Hiddleston toured the nation of Guinea with a group from UNICEF.  These pictures were published along with Tom’s excellent travel diary that he blogged to us from the field.  In the last few days, the photographer Harry Borden has shared more of his work as a part of that group, and I am amazed to find additional images from these same three settings that are at least as compelling, if not even more so.

The obvious connection Tom has with children, especially with the baby in the third-to-last picture, just flips my heart over in my chest.  This from a man who has tweeted about how babies look into your eyes and see you for exactly who you are; from a guy who has ‘have a family’ near the top of his bucket list…

If you’d like to see more of Harry Borden’s beautiful images from his trip to Guinea with Tom, go here.


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