A Brit a Day [#585]

Monday is United Nations Day, and the celebration of it is observed today by my daughter and all of her Hetalia cosplaying friends [see here and here].  Above, we see Scotland accepting a temporary truce with his life-long tormentor, England.

Thank you Henry Ian Cusick and Alan Dale, for one of the most jawdroppingly unexpected scenes from the final season of ‘Lost.’

A Brit a Day [#445]

“I might look like a lawyer, but I didn’t play one on TV.” Desmond Hume [Henry Ian Cusick] and Charles Widmore [Alan Dale] had the thousand dollar suits, expensive drink, and wood-paneled sanctuary of the world’s second oldest profession, but as far as I know neither character ever went to law school. Raise your hand now if you’d like to see Ian Cusick playing a litigator on TV next fall…..