A Brit a Day [#1047]

You know, I’m not always proud of my decisions, but I am generally happy when I follow my instincts.  I wanted to post something about Christian Bale today because of the somewhat bizarre news that he MIGHT PLAY MOSES for Ridley Scott’s upcoming film.  I also wanted to stick to the program and provide you with wonderful fan art.  I had no idea when I set off for the crossroads of those two purposes that I would find this exquisite masterpiece. I think the artist’s name is Olga Tereshenko, and I found her portrait of Christian Bale on Fanpop.

A Brit a Day [#846]

I’ve often wondered who was the object of Bruce Wayne’s intense gaze in this still [above].  Now, thanks to Sheisdelirium on Tumblr, I know that it is Harvey Dent.