A Brit a Day [#1244]

James May, what am I going to do with almost 500 pictures of you saved?  That really is the question.

I’m struggling to take my next step.  ABAD evolved from a fiction writing blog to justify my love affair with the ease of clicking and saving anything and everything pictured online.  It hasn’t exactly taken on a life of its own–I get about 3 hits a day, I think.  I’ve thought about moving the ops over to Tumblr where the ease of access might give me more viewers and thus more reason to continue, but most of these images come from Tumblr in the first place.  So that would be pretty pointless.

If you really are out there, and you have an opinion, comment or email your thoughts.  I think I’ll take another week to think about it.

A Brit a Day [#1234]

These pictures must have been taken at the same Top Gear Live event or at least on the same day.  Either way, hairstyling and photography were both top notch that day–Mr. May looks more radiant than ever.

A Brit a Day [#1227]

Much of James May’s wardrobe seems to be chosen to portray him as the lovable eccentric that he is–including the fact that his wardrobe itself is pretty limited–but the black T-shirt and jeans combination that he wore [rocked] on the Isle of Man recently….Eccentric?……No, not so much.

A Brit a Day [#1220]

Someone on Tumblr brilliantly coined the phrase “competency porn” about pictures like these of James May. If pictures like this turn you on, then there’s just more proof that we really, deep down, want men to be like our fathers.

A Brit a Day [#1213]

A few May-related bits today:  Firstly, the caption for the gif above should be “Do these glasses make my arse look big?”

Here’s an interview from September 2011 where JM talks about some really interesting things, including the riots that had just happened the month before in London.


And finally, here’s a really good May-dedicated Tumblr–


Have fun!

A Brit a Day [#1211]

I was thinking about James Blunt and googled a picture of him in uniform, was then reminded of how many photos I’ve filed away of Brits dressed for battle [Jason Isaacs is particularly good at this], and went kind of berserk with this post.  I have to say, the additional swag of the fighter pilot make Tennant and May look pretty good.