A Brit a Day [#874]

In honor of the 2012 Paralympics taking place in London right now, let’s reflect on the wonderfulness that is Sir Kenneth Branaugh as he appeared in the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games this summer.

A Brit a Day [#854]

Here’s a link to an article that will make you love Alan Rickman even more than you already do…yes, it is possible.


“But on the last night Richard Harris, Kenneth Branagh and Alan Rickman did have a bit of a session. I think Rickman and Branagh regarded it as sitting beneath the feet of a master. He [Richard Harris] was very much into story telling and they were soaking up every bit of information.”

Darryl was fascinated with the relationship between Kenneth Branagh, Alan Rickman and veteran screen legend Richard Harris, adding:

“That was interesting because they were almost in awe of him. He was obviously a great, great star and that was fascinating to see that they were like little boys [in his presence].”

A Brit a Day (#853)

Sir Ken and all the porn that appeals to us women of a certain age–the scruff, the open shirt, the hand with a wedding ring. Thank you, Wallander!

A Brit a Day [#839]

After last night’s opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games, my head is spinning with Brits I’d like to humbly thank/honor/kneel down to for the emotionally charged spectacle they laid before my watering eyes:  Danny Boyle, J K Rowling, Sir Paul McCartney, Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys [for that awesome cover of ‘Come Together.’  I remember when Alex Turner was too young to drink in the clubs he played in–he finally looks like a grown up man.]

But for the sheer happiness his appearance brought me, I have to pick Sir Kenneth Branagh in a stovepipe hat……

….followed at a respectable distance by Daniel Craig transforming the Queen of England into a Bond girl.

As another viewer wrote on Tumblr, “Anyone know where I can download an app that turns me into a Brit?”

A Brit a Day [#810]

I’m not going to worry about whether or not Kenneth Branagh is a true Brit any more [see previous posts tagged with his name]–the Queen of England doesn’t seem to have a problem with him.  Now known to me and mine as Sir Ken, the knighted one will be returning for a new season of ‘Wallander’ this fall.  I recently began watching ‘Wallander’ on Amazon Instant Videos [yes, yes, you know the train of thought that led me there] and will be happily caught up and ready for the new installments soon.

Here’s a trailer giving the flavor of Season 1, including a little bit of Tom Hiddleston’s character getting picked on by Sir Ken’s–