A Brit a Day [#1222]

Matt Smith:  he had a buzz cut at Comic-con, for a role. I wonder if his beautiful hair has grown back yet? Where can I see Matt Smith??

[Photo by Ian Derry]

A Brit a Day [#1188]

Today we’re going to play Mad Libs with clues from the following photographs:

“Sometimes I feel like a ____________{animal}’s _______{piece of anatomy}.”

A Brit a Day [#1180]

I love this artist I just found on the Japanese artists’ site pixiv, Shimizu.  I love everything about their style right down to the patina on the sketchbook.  You’ll love it too, especially if you are a fan of Top Gear, Doctor Who, Sherlock…I saw at least one great sketch of Tom Hiddleston as well.  Check it out–Shimizu’s work can be found here–


I’m not sure how far you can get without creating an account.  I did, and it was worth it.

A Brit a Day [#1173]

[The art is not mine.  I found it on Tumblr.]

Today is my daughter’s 18th birthday.  I remember what an influence the book ‘The Little Prince’ was for me around that age.  Plus, my daughter loves the history of Europe in the second world war, and the book is essentially a study of the heart of an exiled poet.  Says Wikipedia,

Saint-ExupĂ©ry, a laureate of several of France’s highest literary awards and a reserve military pilot at the start of the Second World War, wrote and illustrated the manuscript while exiled in the United States after the Fall of France. He had travelled there on a personal mission to persuade its government to quickly enter the war against Nazi Germany. In the midst of personal upheavals and failing health he produced almost half of the writings he would be remembered for, including a tender tale of loneliness, friendship, love and loss, in the form of a young prince fallen to Earth.

I will make sure she reads it.  But for today’s post, what could be a more fitting piece of fan art than The Doctor as The Little Prince?