A Brit a Day [#1017]

I tried to watch this horror movie from 1961 tonight called ‘Curse of the Werewolf’ because Oliver Reed was in it.  But his character wasn’t even born until almost halfway through.  I’ll take Oliver Reed in an artsy Ken Russell film [like ‘The Devils’ with Vanessa Redgrave] over a werewolf movie anytime.

A Brit a Day [#641]

I had been hanging on to a DVD copy of Ken Russell’s ‘The Devils’–the version with the censored parts restored–and it remained unwatched as I waited for the confluence of events [read: kids out of the house and husband at home] that would allow us to watch it without locking the doors.  I’d seen it just once in graduate school–the cut up version because that’s all there was then–and for anyone who has ever seen it, you know the word ‘unforgettable’ is just not enough, not nearly, no way, no how.

Then a couple of weeks ago, Ken Russell died, and that made the DVD box on my desk begin to smolder and burn laser beams at me.  So I began watching it in installments during my lunch break.  I finished it yesterday.  Still unforgettable, especially Oliver Reed who was clearly put on this earth to play the man ‘worth going to hell for.’  I can’t wait to watch it again with my husband.  He is a big fan of the Richard Harris-Vanessa Redgrave ‘Camelot.’  Can’t wait to say, ‘What do you think of your Guinevere now, honey?’