A Brit a Day [#651]

This is for Tuesday [yesterday, oops].

Dan and company would have made a great cast for a “Sammy Spade: Junior Detective” kids’ series.  Here they are on the set of the first episode, “The Malted-milk Falcons.”

A Brit a Day [#623]

My friend Donna and I received a joint-custody gift from a friend who saw Dan Radcliffe in ‘How to Succeed…’ on Broadway–the original cast recording CD.  It’s my turn to have the CD, and I can’t wait to hear it.  I haven’t seen ‘How to Succeed…’ since high school, and it was a high school production.  Donna suggests the next musical outing for Dan should be a ‘Guys and Dolls’ revival with Rupert and Emma!

A Brit a Day [#489]

I’m taking the week off to sneak [e.g. Rupert Grint above] up to LA for Anime Expo. I don’t anticipate any obstacles like weird doors that could trip people [see Dan above], but I am challenging myself to get from Silver Lake to the Convention Center without getting lost. It’ll be the first time. I’ll see you after the 4th.